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Accord To An Agreement

When used as a noun, Agreement refers to a formal agreement where by which countries or groups enter into an agreement in which all parties concerned meet and agree to a common goal or aspiration. An agreement is a convergence of common opinions and motivations, with each group committing itself to achieving the same result. An example of this would be a peace agreement in which participating countries could agree to end an international conflict or disagreement. Central English agreement, acorden “to reconcile, come to an agreement, be in agreement”, borrowed by Anglo-French acorder, return to popularization *accordāre, from latin ad- ad – + -cordāre, as in concordāre “to be in agreement”, discordāre “to be in conflict” – more in Konkoranz Understanding is the least restrictive of the accepted colonies. When the term is used to designate the last stage of a negotiation or in the settlement of a dispute, it implies the existence of certain obligations or the exchange of promises and dependence on the honour of the parties to the agreement for the fulfilance of such commitments or promises. U.S. President Donald Trump recently confirmed the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, an international agreement dedicated to reducing the effects of climate change. The Paris Climate Agreement was reached in 2015 with participating UN countries, which are joining their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent rising temperatures around the world while promoting global security. Agreement between: the most recent in a series of agreements between the South African government and the trade union movement ACCORD in contracts. A satisfaction agreed between the injuring party and the injured party which, when performed, constitutes a back and forth for all acts on this account.

3 bl. Com. 15; Ferry. Abr, Agreement. 2. To make a good deal, it is important: 1. That the deal is legal. There is no question of an agreement to drop the prosecution for assault and incarceration.

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