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Baycare Joint Operating Agreement

Each member retained its assets and liabilities. But as part of the agreement, hospitals agreed to share their combined cash flow. 16 Windmoor Health Care of Clearwater is a 120-bed psychiatric hospital, 98 of which are for adult psychiatry and 22 for addiction. All Children is a 259-bed facility, of which 35 levels are two neonatal beds and 62 are plain three neonatal beds. In 2011, All Children`s As a fully integrated member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, he was a member of the Johns Hopkins Health System. Pasco County There are five non-baycare affiliated general acute care clinics in Pasco County, including two operated by HCA that together operated 36.3% of the county`s stationary records in Q1-Q and two by Adventist, which together had 15.6% of the county`s hospitalization during the same period. HCA Medical Center of Trinity was a 389-bed facility located approximately 3 km southwest of North Bay. This facility offered obstetrics and adult psychiatry. In February 2011, the hospital transferred its acute and obstetric care to the New Port Richey Trinitarian area. The facility has 336 beds and is located about 6 km southeast of its former site.

HCA continues to manage a psychiatric hospital on the former site and has been renamed Trinity West Pasco Campus Medical Center. Bayonet Point Regional Medical Centre, a 290-bed complex, is located approximately 9 miles north of North Bay and provides open-hearted adult services. Adventist operates the 154-bed Florida Zephyrhills Hospital in Zephyrhills. Opened in October 2012, Florida Hospital-Wesley Chapel is an 83-bed facility in Wesley Chapel. Pasco Regional Medical Center (Pasco Regional) is a 120-bed facility in Dade City and is now owned by CHS. Pasco Regional was once owned by HMA, which was acquired by CHS in January BayCare owns 73 hectares in the same area as the Florida Hospital-Wesley Chapel and is in the process of exploring potential strategies to serve this special market area.