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Capacity Funding Agreement

The Agency`s PC has a “stacking limit,” i.e. a maximum amount of combined resources from the federal, provincial, regional and local governments to participate in a project, engagement activities or associated Crown advisory activities. Combined government funding to a recipient for project participation, commitment or Crown advisory activities must not exceed 100% of eligible costs. The Agency uses the information provided by a recipient in the notification and detailed financial reports to verify that a recipient`s request for financing and the detailed financial report correspond to this limitation. If the stacking limit is exceeded, the Agency adjusts its contribution amount and, if necessary, requests a refund so as not to exceed the catch limit. A paragraph beyond the stacking limit is part of the PC`s master contribution agreement with a recipient. Comments ranged from general comments on The relationship between the Crown and Aboriginal people to the technical details in the contractual clauses. Below is a summary of the main themes articulated by First Nations representatives and categorized by worksheet theme. To be eligible, applicants must represent a First Nations group (i.e., a registered group, tribal council or First Nation organization). Only one application is accepted for each First Nations group. However, a First Nation group may submit its own application and be part of a joint application with a larger group. The following expenditures are eligible for CPHI funding: the Agency has a fixed annual budget for support programs (PCs) and manages them to provide limited financial support to eligible applicants in a fair and transparent manner. The Agency is not able to cover all costs incurred and participants are encouraged to consider other sources of funding or material resources.

The Agency informs applicants of the President`s funding decision. The names of successful candidates and approved appropriations are published as part of their transparency efforts in the Agency`s media space and on the Canadian government`s website. The inaugural part of the draft global funding agreement presented a series of “whereas” clauses, some optional, which presented the framework for the legally binding conditions of the main body and the applicable timetables of the agreement. Participants were asked whether the wording of the preamble clauses was consistent with their understanding of the new tax relationship. The list of previously approved projects is available in