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Double Taxation Agreement (Dta) Greece Uk

Desiring to conclude a Convention for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion in the field of income, ARTICLE XVIII. With the exception of what has been indicated, the following conventions do not affect a tax to which this Convention applies, i.e.: – double taxation occurs when local law results in the levying of taxes on the same income; Capital gains or profits of companies in more than one country. This may be mitigated by the application of double taxation treaties or by unilateral relief in the absence of an agreement or if an agreement does not cover the category of taxation concerned. Double taxation can also occur if you reside in two countries simultaneously. You will find an example on our double residence page. Although relatively common, the application of double taxation treaties and, therefore, the right to tax relief can be a complex issue. Our specialized tax databases allow us to provide current and historical tax rates, comparative tables and country surveys. We have recent summaries of the most important facts, as well as detailed analyses of the tax system in countries around the world that cover corporate taxation, individual taxation, companies and investments. Learn about tax rates, the latest tax messages and information on double taxation treaties with our specialized online resources, guides and useful links.

Another common situation of double taxation is that a person who is not resident in the United Kingdom but who has income from the United Kingdom and who remains fiscally resident in his country of origin. For the purposes of this Article, we consider a person to be resident for tax purposes in the United Kingdom and another country, although there are double taxation treaties between two countries. 2. Undertakings in one of the territories, whether operated by a company, a group of persons or by natural persons, alone or in a partnership, may not be subject to taxes other than taxes in the other territory in respect of profits or capital attributable to their permanent establishments situated in that other territory, that undertakings in that other territory have or may carry on in the same way. in the case of similar profits or the same capital. Finally, be aware that some countries, such as Brazil, do not have a double taxation agreement with Great Britain. If so, you may still be able to claim unilateral tax relief for the foreign tax you paid. Certain types of UK visitors receive special treatment under a double taxation treaty, such as foreign students, teachers or government officials.

If you are considered a tax resident in two or more countries, it is important to understand the tax breaks possible through double taxation treaties ARTICLE XV. (1) The tax authorities of the Parties shall exchange information (i.e. information available to them under their respective tax laws under normal management) necessary for the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement or for the prevention of fraud. on the management of legal provisions against legal evasion with regard to the taxes which are the subject of the Convention. . . .