Catechists- Katrina Dowler and Audra Dowler

St. Elizabeth Seton Faith Formation uses books from Sadlier Publishing

Curriculum focuses on how we can thank God for all we have been given through creation.

Scope and Sequence

God Made All Things

God made the whole world

Everything God made is good

God made the sun, moon and stars

God gives us water, land and animals

The Church Year- Ordinary Time

God made all people

We learn about God with our friends and family

Advent and Christmas

God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus

Jesus is the Son of God

Jesus grew up in Nazareth with Mary and Joseph

Jesus teaches and helps us

Jesus wants us to love one another

Lent- Holy week

The Church is the family of God



Jesus shares the gift of himself in a special meal

Jesus is our friend


The Holy Spirit came

Sign of the cross

Test Post Sarah Clayton

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