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London Agreement Of August 8Th 1945

The work done this summer in London by Jackson and others has not been without conflict and has not solved the huge problems that would arise in the years to come. In 1947, Jackson wrote: the Charter was drawn up by the European Consultative Commission under the authority of the Moscow Declaration: Declaration on the Atrocities Agreed at the Moscow Conference (1943). It was created in London after Germany`s capitulation on the day of the VE. Designed by Robert H. Jackson, Robert Falco and Iona Nikitchenko of the European Consultative Commission, it was published on 8 August 1945. [1] The Charter and its definition of crimes against peace also served as the basis for the Finnish law passed by the Finnish Parliament on September 11, 1945, which enabled war responsibility processes in Finland. On August 8, 1945, the United States, England, France and the Soviet Union signed the London Agreement. The London Agreement & Charter became the basis of the processes that preceded THE IMT in Nuremberg. In the summer of 1945, Robert H. Jackson and his team, including his son William E. Jackson, worked for two months to reach consensus among the Allies.