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Music Sample Clearance Agreement

(c) you may not: (i) use or sublicense a Sample in a manner that is concurrent with us or the owner of the Sample; (ii) redistribute each sample in new sample packages; (iii) Sublicense, Sell, Lend, Share, Lend, Send, Rent, Rent, 1. In consideration of your payment of the license fee (“License Fee”) associated with the relevant sound recording and/or sample provided through this website (each, a “Sample”), we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and perpetual right to publicly perform, distribute or transmit the Sample in combination with other sounds in musical productions in order to create new recordings (“Recording(s)”), each of them is considered a “derivative work” as used in the United States Copyright Act of 1976, as amended. Set of two contracts that provide you with everything you need to remove the recording of a sample and the composition embedded in the recordings. If you are interested in our sample authorization service, please use our contact form to discuss your project by attaching links or MP3s to your new track via yousendit/sendspace/Soundcloud or uploading attachments to the form. (a) You may only use each sample for recordings in your own personal projects, which are distributed only independently by you (i.e. Beattapes or Mixtapes) without any additional obligation to us or the owner of the sample other than the above license fee, provided that in the event that a recording exceeds one million (1,000,000) streams via Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube must promptly obtain the official release of the sample for use in the recording in accordance with the procedure described in paragraph 1(d) below. Sampling has become an integral part of the current musical landscape, particularly productive in the dance, pop and hip-hop scene. Sampling is a popular form of creative self-expression and allows artists to show influences in their work and revive classic records while providing a lucrative alternative source of income for an ever-changing music business. All correspondence received will be emailed to you for approval and all correspondence sent on your behalf will be discussed with you in advance. Once the terms are agreed, we will draw up an agreement, arrange the signature and ensure that you receive fully executed copies for your files. . (i) “Major Record Label” means a record company or company: (i) that is a parent company or subsidiary of one of the “major” distributors in the United States (which are currently Sony, Universal and Warner Music Group/WEA) and/or that is affiliated with one of the “major” distributors in the United States (i.e.

is affiliated with it), (ii) that is a parent company or subsidiary of, and/or is affiliated with any of the so-called “independent” distributors offering national distribution (which currently includes, without limitation, Ryko, Caroline, InGrooves, The Orchard, Rounder, Kobalt/AWAL, BMG, ADA and E1) and/or (iii) whose records are from such “large” or “independent” label, company or distributor, including, but not limited to, the Company`s own record label. assign, distribute or transmit a sample to third parties, unless it is incorporated into a recording; or (iv) use the name, image, likeness or other identity notices of the artist, producer and/or author associated with a sample in any way without the express written consent of such artist, producer and/or author. Over the past 20 years, Sample Clearance Services has established itself as a global authority on sampling, providing cost-effective solutions for artists and rights holders for the industry. (ii) “Eligible Independent Label” means any record label or corporation that is not included in the definition of a major record label as set forth in paragraph 1(e)(i) above and that has distributed an album and/or master that has exceeded a total of one hundred thousand (100,000) streams on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube in a given calendar month, or more than one million (1,000,000) streams on Apple Music. Spotify and YouTube overall. .