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Mutual Agreement For Extended Foster Care

Young people must sign a mutual agreement to stay in a broader care. callus. Welf. Inst. Code 11401 (3). Young people must sign a voluntary readmission agreement to reintegrate into care. callus. Welf. Inst. Code 11403 (c). Before the status review hearing, which will take place six months before your 18th round of voting, your manager will tell you about the expanded care program, its benefits and your opt-in if you opt for emancipation. Young people can receive all care allowances directly if young people live independently in assisted placement and if young people and the Agency have signed a compliant agreement. 11403 (d); See also Cal.

Dep`t of Social Services, All County Letter No. 11-77, Extension of Foster Care Beyond Age 18: Part Two (Placement) (Nov. 18, 2011) (detailed mediation procedure for non-minor relatives). The mutual agreement documents the continued willingness of the non-minor to remain, under the non-dependent jurisdiction, under the placement and care of the competent county, the tribe, the tribal consortium or the tribal organization that has entered into an agreement with the state, and to report any change in the circumstances relevant to the continuation of access to care. , and documents the agreement of the non-minor and the social worker or probation officer to cooperate in facilitating the implementation of the supervised mediation contract and the transitional plan for independent living plans, developed jointly. callus. Welf. Inst. code 11400 (u) (1). Young people must sign a voluntary re-entry contract.

No. 11043 (c). A minor who is not yet 21 years old and who has left care after or after the age of majority may file a petition with the court to take over the responsibilities of dependency on himself or to assume transitional jurisdiction over himself. callus. Welf. Inst. Code 303 (c). (2) An NMD that is unable to reach an informed agreement. This decision is made by the court. A dependant creditor, defined as a currently dependent child or youth court service, or a non-minor under the transitional jurisdiction of the Youth Court, who meets all the following criteria: (2) is 18 years of age in the context of a placement in care by the Youth Court and is no more than 21 years old; (2) is in health care of the County Department of Social Administration, the District Probation Department, the Indian Tribe, the Tribal Consortium or the Tribal Organization; and (3) has a temporary independent life plan in accordance with Section 475, paragraph 8, of the Federal Social Security Act, Cal.