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Seeking An Agreement Through Direct Talks Is

However, the agreement does not acknowledge or say whether the Taliban and the ANDSF – and, if so, coalition forces – will coordinate these operations, as they will confirm that the attacks were not carried out or supported by subgroups within the Taliban, or how the Taliban will prove that they suppressed the Islamic State in the Khorasan operations. In addition, the Taliban`s ties to al-Qaeda, mainly through the Haqqani network, could prove difficult to separate. Despite the agreement to sever ties with terrorist groups as part of the agreement signed with the United States, a United Nations report [PDF] published in May 2020 revealed that the Taliban remained in close contact with al-Qaeda. Each of these factors influences the success of a Commission not only in the course of its work, but also at the beginning (in the development of its mandate and in the preparatory phase) and after its completion (in the implementation of its recommendations and in the response, use and dissemination of its report). Table 9.4 shows the evolution of the influence of these factors at these different stages. Members of a Taliban delegation, including its chief negotiator, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, left the country after peace talks with high-ranking Afghan officials in Moscow, Russia, May 30, 2019. What does history tell us about the legacy of unaadiated pain and unrecovered events? What can we learn from France after World War II, from Spain to Franco, from the Armenian Genocide of the beginning of this century, from Native Americans all over America, and from other periods of authoritarian domination or unordered but unforgettable brutality? Why, in some cases, has there been no requirement to seek the truth, while in other cases the wounds of the past remain open? At the transition point after a brutal and repressive regime, a state and its people are left with a legacy of violence, bitterness and pain and often hundreds or thousands of perpetrators who deserve prosecution and punishment for their crimes.