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Project Labor Agreement Template

In accordance with Executive Order 13502, agencies are invited to consider the application of project work contracts in the context of major construction projects. This executive order signed by President Barack Obama stipulates that two bills are now submitted to the Senate and the House of Representatives to preserve open competition and the neutrality of the federal government with respect to the labor relations of federal contractors in federal and federal projects. These projects are H.R. 735 and S. 119: “Government Neutrality in Contracting Act.” Both projects are promoted by AGC and other professional construction organizations. Some of the projects that have used project work agreements are: these are some common agreement clauses that could be used under Project Labor Agreements (PLA): project work contracts are used to ensure savings, productivity, job stability, timely completion and quality work on major projects. With project work contracts, the owner ensures better working conditions, increased productivity without interruption of working time, dispute resolution procedures, safety conditions and continuous access to treatment. Plas offers should be open and fair and not discriminate against non-union contractors. Many federally funded projects require project work agreements, as required by the White House Executive Order of February 6, 2009. A project employment contract or A PLA is a pre-employment contract, in which contractual and working conditions are set in advance. Project work contracts are sought by many as a way to reduce costs that control quality assurance and minimize the increase in labour costs. Others see employment project contracts (PLA) as a means of carrying out construction projects exclusively for trade union work and discriminating against open trade and fair competition. Some project work contracts (PLA) include non-strike and non-locking agreements.

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