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Unity Of Religion Agreement 2017

Ms. Nam Hee Kim, President of the International Women`s Peace Group (IWPG), then said in her speech: “This agreement is only the beginning, but it has enormous strength that unites one promise with another and will transform the whole world into a world of peace. This piece of paper connects one country to another and brings together different classes and religions into one.¬†She expressed her deep emotions and said, “This generation needs changes that are about to be reformed. To create a peaceful world and leave it to future generations as an eternal legacy, today`s signing ceremony is of great importance. There is no doubt that this pope will continue to insist on global religious unity, which has a huge impact. More than 2,000 people have signed the peace agreement, which goes beyond nationality, race and religion Religions must unite as a union and international law must be adopted to end wars On September 17 and 18, the World Alliance and Peace of Religions (WARP) 2014 Summit was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, that of Heavenly Culturely, World Peace, Light Restoration (HWPL). It is a particularly rejoicing sign of our time that believers and all people of good will feel more and more called to work together to develop a culture of encounter, dialogue and cooperation at the service of our human family. This involves more than just tolerance. It challenges us to reach out to others in mutual trust and understanding and thus build a unity that does not see diversity as a threat, but as a potential source of enrichment and growth. It challenges us to cultivate an openness of the heart that sees others as a way and not as a barrier. The second State of the World Forum, this month, during which the UR will be presented for the world, aims to follow the evolution of a humanistic global ethic, a series of “fundamental values” shared by the world`s religions that would allow for enhanced cooperation among themselves. The chief designer of global ethics is Hans Kung, the discredited Catholic theologian, who says that it is consensus that will decide the content of global ethics. For several years, Kung tried unsuccessfully to reach this consensus.

After the signing of this document, the Pope once again insisted on the need for greater global unity: The Interim6 indicated that the main theme of the forum was population control. As Gorbachev revealed.” We will have to tackle the problem of controlling the world`s population. This theme has been addressed by the themes of global governance, global security, etc., but “nowhere has the topic been more obvious,” The Interim said, “than in discussions about religion.” In the cornerstone, Christianity was held responsible for the “dilemma of the people.” Look at Christianity. Those of us who claim to be Christians are divided into thousands of groups, confessions, teachings, and beliefs. Normally, we find a common group within a church or a certain denomination, but even there is rarely a complete agreement. The WARP Summit was the largest event attended by politicians, clerics and representatives of various organizations from around the world. The summit, the fruit of Lee`s former World Peace Tours, should serve as a basis for ending all wars and achieving world peace. Regarding the biblical story of Noah, the Pope suggested that we too, to ensure peace, “we too must enter together into an ark capable of navigating the rough seas of the world.” It means recognizing, “God is at the origin of one human family.” “No violence can be justified in the name of religion,” he said.