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Yes Communities Lease Agreement

Once you`ve signed the papers and started paying the mortgage, work at your home`s property. You will have a place that you can call your own as long as you want to live there. Compared to renting, you`re not subject to a lease with a specific moving date, or if the homeowner decides to sell or relocate, you don`t have to find another place to live. I have a [protected] insurance claim and the insurance company sent me the money to repair my home. The guest toilet has a leak under the bathtub and the entire basement of the back of the house is completely rotten. The first bank is the one that allocates the financing according to the directives of the Yes municipalities. I had 4 different contractors who came to my house to make repairs, but because of the way the funds are allocated, each contractor decided they couldn`t work for me. I was told that half of the funds would be released for materials and the other half would be released once the work was completed. No one works for free!!! Legally, this insurance money belongs to me and I absolutely have to have my house repaired before the bathtub in the guest bathroom falls through the basement.

I have spoken to a lawyer who will handle my case if your company decides not to sign the cheques and allow me to repair my home. I have attached photos of the rot below. Thank you, Jonathan Norwood, I don`t understand all the negative comments I`ve read here. We recently purchased a home at The Crossings in Knoxville, TN and are very pleased with the environment, the management and our new home. We can`t wait to live here forever. Our community is well maintained all the time and we have a huge fenced garden for our furry babies. We couldn`t be happier and plan to use our fireplace this winter, sit down with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy not only the fireplace, but also the warmth and comfort of our home. I am sorry that all negativities occur in different regions, but here, at the crossroads, I know two people who are very satisfied and enjoy life in our country. May God bless you all and I hope you will find peace and tranquility in another region. . Don`t think I would compare jim to satan tho. With everything I know about Jim, well, let`s just say that if karma catches up with him, he will either be incapable or locked up.

Everyone in this park knows that he is a bullshipper and has caught him in blatant lies. He doesn`t care because he`s so confident he won`t get fired because of his high sales. If it really mattered to businesses, they would visit the communities and talk to residents. They will likely want to face class action lawsuits for dealing with “mold” violations and labor rights in all their professions. If you`re reading one of these complaints and it looks like it was written for your community, but in another state, it should tell you that it`s not entirely the fault of the community managers. It is the corporate jokers who set the guidelines and allow their managers to do what they want as long as the revenues are good. I bought a mobile home at Robin Glenn Mobile Home Park in Saginaw Michigan around April 2021, I never received the title as promised, I was told various things about the title, and I`m still waiting months later to get the title. I tried to talk to the management here and I never got the title I am always told various things that I turned to [protected] email and I never got an answer, the only thing this email address does is to send an email to the management that does absolutely nothing, I have asked several times for the company to call me to find a solution, and that it has yet to do so, ever since. I called the number 844 and left a message, I still haven`t received an answer, I just want the title of this mobile home and if there is none, I need a solution for this mobile home as soon as possible.

I finished getting the title of this mobile home. Gayep7, Thank you for your comment. Rockford Park is located on underground natural springs and unfortunately in the spring in East Tennessee, stagnant water problems increase. Recently, these problems have worsened and the community and regional management team is currently receiving offers to move two or three houses from the wettest area of the municipality. Work is expected to begin soon, so we hope your concerns will be resolved shortly. We thank you for your patience on this and apologize for any inconvenience….