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Yes Communities Lease Agreement

We know that your pets are part of your family and we welcome them to our communities. Pets enjoy our dog parks and come down to make contacts and play. Please contact your community for details and if you offer a dog park in your community. Yes! You are not the same company as arc, but you are owned by the same people. Maybe you don`t understand how it works. And I`m sticking to that. Staying away from “yes” communities !!! YES, I read your response to all these complaints and it looks like corporate CYA. Cover yours. You know you can have all complaints removed. Oh, that`s right, they have to tackle the problems.

It`s easier to publish your Corporate BS and try to make yourself look good. You respect the law, and I am sure it is you. How a person achieves background control, but, you really, no matter who lives in the house. They give us a form to fill out the names of all people who live at home, cars and insurance information. A month later, there are many more people in the house and five cars parked around the house. And I have news for you, if you think that everyone in your communities are all legal citizens, you are wrong. You`re as dumb as hell or just a liar. (I think he`s just a liar). I sent an email to [email protected] and it was returned. Laughing out loud! In a few years, you will change the names of all your communities.

Correct me if I`m wrong, but you`re the same people who used the ARC name first, it was affordable roommates/when there were American roommates. And now it`s yes! What does that mean? You act as if there are new owners and big changes on the horizon, so all you do is beat new members and a paint. They really don`t want to make a better life for all areas of life. For people like you, it`s all about money. If you really took care of the residents, you would contact the claims office and work with them and the people who post the complaint to have them removed. And you run your poor angry managers, with all your legislation. And the sad thing is that they fall for it. All we are to you snails that make you pockets with green back. I also live in yes communities in fact the second in possession of them they made me pay 1500 dead hndred transfer my credit and because I was complaining about fema followers, they quickly got me a new home. You area of the joke I will be highlighted in the park where I am now.

Jerry our Mamanger Park is outside my door on my blinds can`t be white. it`s a yes, it says it all in the lease, but they act like everything won`t come back on you to move once your out there will try everything to leave you, unless you want to kiss their butts. they also came to me about my kids even saying things to my kids, I went really crazy this last time and went down on a complaint letter from any injury I see, they can`t get out of individual people, this place is a joke that I wanted all people on the ripo off report and what I wish that cold wqe come all together. I`ve never been late for rent, so I just know how these people work, I feel like they want to join people for rental offences, so they have to go see all the offenders. this park, which I am in, they say they can sublet, but any other park u casn`, not them the guy who sublet I don`t think, goes through the right procedures to get these principles in I know they don`t cause that I`m used with an illegal immigrant and they leave it and I`ve talked to several friends, who are also illegally, they`re a welcome scam, we hope you`ll call it your next place at home. With more than two hundred affordable housing units in 18 states, we offer housing for those who own or wish to rent their nearest home.