The My Own Church application is your personal portal to your family’s church records. This application enables you to quickly and easily view and make changes to your own church records. You can do this anytime and anywhere from any Web-enabled device as long as you have an Internet connection.

My Own Church gives you secure and personal access to the information in your family and member records. You can access your personal records using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. As a church member, you can log in and perform any of the following tasks in My Own Church:

  • Manage your own church records and keep your personal information accurate and up to date. For example, if you move or change phone numbers, you can quickly and easily log in to your account and update this information for yourself. No need to call your church, fill out and submit paper forms, and then wait for someone at the church to update your records.
  • Add a record for a new family member.
  • View your personal giving history.
  • Upload a family photo and individual photos of family members.

Note that any changes you make to your records must first be approved by an authorized church administrator so there may be a short delay in getting your records updated.

Are you ready to begin?  Go to MyOwnChurch, Click on New User and create your account.  Once you are logged in you may make changes to your family information by clicking on the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.  Remember to save any changes.  You can also select a member tab from the top to view/edit individual family member’s information.  Feel free to browse through the data screens and update any and all your family’s information.  The more current our database is the better to serve you.

Feel free to call the parish office 515-989-0659 or email with any questions.