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Father Kirby’s Korner

Communication is something that continues to evolve. Ever since humans began writing on the walls of caves, communication has become more creative, sometimes simpler, sometimes more complex. For generations, communication has continue to evolve, but no matter what form communication takes on or changes into, the same principles apply.

There is the sender of a message, who desires to send a message to another person or group. The sender needs to figure out a way to send the message in a way that the receiver can receive it and the sender is concerned with making his or her message somehow attractive, informative and manageable for the receiver to receive the message.

The sender who paints a picture on the wall of a cave is trying to communicate something to the person(s) who see his writing in the cave. The sender tries to make sure the receiver sees and understands the message. The same idea and method is as true today as it was then, even in our age of social media. The sender has a message he or she wants to send to the receiver and so today, they may use some version of social media, to send the message in a way that is efficient, understandable and manageable to the other person(s).

The problem we have sometimes is the same problem people had during caveman days, we would rather not communicate directly with the other person. Let’s face it communication is tricky, awkward and downright unpleasant sometimes. We sometimes will go to great lengths to get our message to another person, without having to deal with them directly. The problem we feel sometimes with dealing with people directly is that the other party may not like what we are communicating and get upset. When we are face to face with someone who does not like our message, we are forced to react or face the consequences of the reaction to our message. Often this is unpleasant and so we try and think of ways to pass along our message, but not be around to face the other’s reaction to our message.

What happens when we fear or avoid the other’s reaction to our message, we send our messages indirectly or anonymously so as to avoid the direct unpleasant reaction of the other to our message, which they do not like and or agree with. We can spend our lives communicating this way, but what happens is, people begin to doubt us, not trust us or resent us because they never communicate directly with us and so don’t really know what our message really is. Even more, the effectiveness of our sending the message has very little effect and the reason for the sending of a message is lost and diminished.

There is nothing more straight forward, honest and effective than communicating our message directly to the other. In communicating directly, there is little chance of misunderstanding or the other person missing the message all together. This is Jesus’ point today. Speak honestly, clearly and directly to people and to God. Avoid the temptation to circumnavigate the person you are trying to message. This is the honest and Christian way…say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. When there are unresolved issues with the messages we communicate, then we rely on the help of others.


Put this on your calendar!

“Blues For Autism”

Featuring Blues Muscians: William Whitmore and Eric Kennedy – Proceeds go to Autism Awareness

Friday September 15

Jasper Winery, 2400 George Flag Pkwy

$15 at the door, doors open at 6pm


Rev. James Kirby