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Father Kirby’s Korner

This weekend rather than giving ordinary, Gospel based homilies, I thought I would try something else. For the next few weeks, I am going to be giving a series of segments on “The Mass”. I think for all of us, it is good to recall, remember and learn about this act we call celebrating Mass.

To begin with, I always like to ask a liturgy class that I am teaching, “what do we think we are doing when we go to Mass?” Most of the time I get blank stares and shuffling of feet. I am sure there are many of you who might have to stop and think for awhile before answering such a question. I’ve been around enough high school students who might answer “nothing” or “I have no idea”. These are honest answers, but I think it is a question we must answer, otherwise, Mass is useless and a waste of time.

There may be personal and spiritual reasons we go to Mass, but even those reasons need to be investigated and looked at if we want to really understand and value this thing called “The Mass”.I will begin to answer that question by quoting the Second Vatican Council, “The Mass is the Source and Summit of our spiritual life in the Church”. In other words, it is the supreme prayer that we can offer to God. With this as our starting point, over the next couple of weeks we will explore the Mass, the value and the way we celebrate the Mass.


Rev. James Kirby