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Father Kirby’s Korner

As we continue our explanation of the Mass, a review of last week, we talked about Sacred Time. Sacred Time in the religious sense is specially marked out time that is carved from our daily lives to encounter God as God encounters us. It is a time where the ordinary laws of time and space pause. Sacred Time is also known as “deep time,” or in other words time that is not marked by time or date, but by meaning, emotion and spirit.

We as Catholics mark our Sacred Time by making the sign of the cross that signifies the beginning of our time with God. When we are finished we make the sign of the cross which signifies our reentrance into ordinary time.

As we gather for Mass, we are challenged to enter into this Sacred Time. Of course no one can force you to enter Sacred Time, it is a personal choice in elevating your mind or lifting up your heart to the Lord. It is also important to remember that Mass is not for individual Sacred Time, but it is a community entering into this Sacred Time together. There is for sure a corporate nature to our Sacred Time together. We enter into this time as a group. We encounter God as a community, so that we may speak to him and we may hear his voice speaking to us together.

It is a challenge for all of us to make the choice to enter into this Sacred Time today with our full hearts, minds and souls. We have an opportunity to encounter God in a unique and intense way in giving ourselves to this Sacred Time of the Mass.


Rev. James Kirby