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Father Kirby’s Korner

Can you imagine the chaos that must have been going on among the disciples when they faced the risen Jesus? After all they had been through! They literally had their hearts ripped out when they watched their friend and their hero be cruelly executed, fearing that they too, would be next to be crucified. 

The impossible had happened. Even though Jesus had told them he would rise from the dead, who could believe such a claim.  Would you believe anyone if today, someone told you that they would rise from the dead? Think if someone you had loved died and then in three days, walked in your front door? How would you handle that? The disciples must have collapsed with shock and pure joy. They must have been speechless. What could you possibly say? What would you ask? How would you feel? The joy they must have felt must have been greater than the sorrow they felt the day before.

We all celebrate Easter, but let us hold the horror of Good Friday in our minds, in order to appreciate Jesus’ love for each and everyone of us. Easter Sunday makes Lent worth it. Easter helps make sense of the cruelty Good Friday. Let’s keep these two opposite things together in our hearts today. As we celebrate Easter, let us not forget the crucifixion three days earlier. The resurrection can only be appreciated without knowing the length, suffering the pain it took to get Jesus to that Easter Resurrection.


James Kirby