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Fr Kirby’s Korner

Wow, the Gospel today sure sends shivers up your spine. I imagine being treated as we treat the least of God’s kingdom in heaven!  Makes me wonder. Imagine how the least of God’s kingdom are being treated today?  Yikes! You know it is one thing to imagine one person held accountable for the way he or she treated one of these least, but is it possible to hold a group, a city, state, country or the world accountable for the tacit approval of the treatment of the least of God’s kingdom.

We can ask, who are the Lazaruses of our world today? I think we can easily identify them as the financially, socially and physically poor. That is a lot of people! It is a lot of people to be conscious of how we treat them.

What can we look forward to for ourselves in heaven? How will we be judged considering how we treat the Lazaruses of our day? It is certainly a sobering thought.  Our Gospel today is a clear litmus test on how things will go for us when we meet God and Abraham in heaven. How confident are we in how things will go?


James Kirby