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Fr Kirby’s Korner

Here we are at Christmas and the emphasis for us in our faith is still longing and expecting the presence of Christ coming to us in a new, meaningful and tangible way.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to become all wrapped up in the details and preparations for Christmas that we loose sight of what and why we are celebrating. Perhaps in the quiet of the night or whatever quiet moment you come upon, we can remember the point of Christmas and the dynamic force it caused in the tangible presence of God as a human being. Let’s not become too busy with the superficial details of the season, and not forget the incredible event it honors and reminds us of.

Construction Update:
We are about finished with the construction of our new entry and gathering space. We would like people to get use to coming through the new entrance and to use the back parking lot more. The keypad entry will eventually go away and more secure card readers keys will be used instead. We will still use the timers on the inside, but we’d rather get folks use to coming into the new entryway. The new bathrooms will be operational soon which means we will be re-purposing the old bathrooms. We will also have a nice big meeting room that will not become a storage room.     

We have spent more than a million dollars on new parking, so there is never a need to park just inside the entrance. It clogs things up for the rest of the parking regardless of how fast you need to leave Mass. Also, it is illegal to park on Scotch Ridge Road, so not only is it against the law it is unnecessary and annoying when we have so many new parking spaces.

Finally, our new entrance, grounds and gathering space, I hope we all can make sure we keep it nice and looking new. It has been a long time coming so let us keep things fresh so we can enjoy it for a long time.


James Kirby