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Fr Kirby’s Korner

How about a little more quantum physics? My mom liked to tell a story about my grandma and my aunt Dorothy. My Grandma, born near the Volga River in Russia, lived in a German area of the country and had a very strong German accent. I don’t remember my grandpa ever saying anything in English. 

When my mom and her sister Dorothy were young and of high school age, Dorothy struggling with physics in school told my grandma how much she disliked the subject. My mom remembers my grandma calling the school and telling the teacher…in her strong German accent, “Dorty, no wanna take da physic.”  I think a lot of us are like that….”we no wanna take da physic.”

I guess I have become interested in quantum physics. Physics tells how things in the world generally work, while quantum physics goes deeper and tries to explain how matter, atoms, light, energy and particles work. In many ways, quantum physics attempts to explain things that ordinary physics and our senses can’t actually explain.

When Jesus says things like “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” this gets my attention. Most, simply assume Jesus is making a general statement about his presence in the world. I began imagining that there is more to this statement than just a spiritual description for Christians and followers of Christ. I think when Jesus says “the Kingdom of God is at hand”, he is describing a deeper metaphysical reality.

I imagine Jesus is saying the Kingdom is actually here in a real metaphysically way. I doubt that Jesus would say such things if they were simple pious explanations, but that he says these types of things as a statement of reality and actuality.

I talked last week about Jesus’ baptism being a portal into another dimension of heaven, a reality that is just as real as what we believe to be the reality we experience. Imagine the Kingdom of God is actually here in an alternative reality that enfolds us right now. Just like quantum physicists talk about mirror realities and that there is more to the world than just what we experience. Imagine another reality that is not as easily perceived active and present in the world.

Perhaps that parallel reality is heaven. A reality does not necessarily obey the ordinary rules of physics and or what we perceive reality to be. Maybe your head hurts thinking about this and struggle to believe that reality is more than what we think…I believe that Jesus does not say things because they sound good, but that he really is telling the truth. Remember God created reality and I think he could probably run things however he wants. 


James Kirby