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Fr Kirby’s Korner

In the readings from the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, we are introduced to two characters from Luke’s Gospel, Simeon and Anna. Simeon, a righteous and pious man and Anna, a prophetess who never left the Temple. They both arrive at the same time as Jesus and his parents enter the temple.

Both Anna and Simeon have some acute observations and predictions. Simeon launches into a speech which referred to as the Song of Simeon. It is a canticle that is recited or sung during compline at every monastery in the World.  

Simeon expresses what it means to cast his eyes on the One promised by God for the Salvation of Israel. He is able to now, die in peace, since his own eyes have seen the promised One. He didn’t hear about Jesus from someone else, nor had he read about it somewhere else. His own eyes have seen the One in real time.

Simeon is an example of seeing. Without any extraordinary information, signs or notifications, Simeon sees what seems to be, an ordinary child with his parents. Yet, because Simeon is able to see another heavenly reality, he is able to accurately identify the divinity in his presence.

May we have the perception and ability to see the heavenly reality of our day in the same instantaneous manner of both Simeon and Anna.


James Kirby