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Tips for Fostering Christian Growth in Our Children

Form habits that teach your child to be prayerful:

Create quiet times in your home for prayer.

Pray with your child in the mornings and evenings.

Display religious art at home.

Provide opportunities for celebrating religious feasts in church and in your home.

Teach your child to turn to God for help and guidence.

Create times to thank God for the gifts of life.

Set an example to help your child have a good self-image:

Thank your child when they act out of love.

Remind your child when you think he or she is capable of doing better.

Correct your child gently but firmly.

Assign definite and clear responsibilities and expect them to be done.

Help your child become aware of their talents.

Show your child how to be forgiving:

Express sorrow and ask to be forgiven when you have offended your child.

Pray with your child in the evening, asking God’s forgiveness for wrongs committed during the day.

Forgive your child lovingly when they are sorry.

Teach your child to be kind:

Speak to your child with kindness and respect.

Help your child become aware of other people’s feelings.

Praise your child’s efforts to be kind to others.

Help your child learn to evaluate the content of television programs.

Attend cultural events as a family.

Teach your child to be a peacemaker:

Guide your child to appreciate and protect nature.

Give your child the example of being patient.

Tell your child that angry and hurt feelings are all right, but we need to be careful how we express them.

Do not punish your child while you are upset. Keep the punishment proportionate to the act.

Encourage participation in games and projects that require cooperation with others.

Help your child to handle situations when others take advantage of him or her.

Encourage quiet times at home.