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Father Kirby’s Korner

Imagine the emotional whiplash the disciples must have experienced in those few days. They were jerked out of their horror and grief of that Friday, to unimaginable shock, joy and happiness. No doubt that they had been dragged through the lowest of the lows of human existence to the highest of highs that life had to offer.

After Jesus had appeared to them that beautiful Easter Sunday, what were their conversations? When all of the excitement was over and they were left alone with just themselves and their thoughts, what were they thinking and what did they talk about with each other?

Perhaps words did not come easily. Perhaps it was just a matter of simply being with each other when the joy of the experience was beyond description and beyond words. Certainly prior to Jesus’ resurrection, there were plenty of words…words of blame and shame, accusations and words of hopelessness and despair. None of that mattered anymore, and all was forgiven.

Can you imagine the scene when they walked out the door after being with the risen Lord? I imagine seeing some much taller and prouder men, a contrast to the hunched over devastated fellows maybe seen before. I imagine seeing them walking with a little spring in their step and smiles on their faces. If asked by others, why they were so happy, I imagine they might simply deflect the question and offer, “It’s just a beautiful day, isn’t it?

Truly it was a beautiful day. Inexpressible joy and hope is beyond words and can only be expressed in a big smile, a change of attitude and a change of life.

That is a feeling and a mood we should all have on this day, knowing that our Lord has conquered sin and death. We may take for granted the hope and joy that the disciples felt that day, rather observing ourselves with other less honorable thoughts and worries. Perhaps we can concentrate a little on what the disciples felt and understand in a new way the cause of their joy and happiness. Hopefully, once considering the weight of what Jesus has done for us, we too may share in the disciples’ joy on this beautiful Easter Sunday.


Rev. James Kirby