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Father Kirby’s Korner

Here is a segment of an article written by Becky Roach  that I posted on our Facebook page.  It is about our attendance at Mass and for better or worse, how it influences our children. I am not trying to heap the ole Catholic guilt on anyone, besides, if you are reading this you are likely at Mass. Nevertheless it is a reminder for us as we approach Advent and then Christmas, in how we handle our faith and what our actions teach our children.  At the end of Mass we pray over our children and we pray for all of us as the first teachers of faith for our children.  I think the first move in teaching our children faith is about coming to church in the first place.  You can read the entire article on our Facebook page.

“I was recently at a Baptism in which the priest reminded each person present that it would be through his or her actions that the child being baptized would come to know about God and how to respond to Him. If the child witnessed us praying, she would learn prayer was important, but that if the child never saw any communication with God from the people in her life, the child would learn that it wasn’t necessary.

Though none of us is perfect, we do have the responsibility to try to model behaviors that we want our child to emulate.  As much as kids learn from what we do, they also learn from what we do not do.  When we don’t make going to Church a priority each Sunday, it speaks volumes about faith and life to the hearts of our children.”

The article continues highlighting the things we communicate to children by missing Mass.  Things such as “God is important, but not that important” or  “God doesn’t really mean what he says.”  If you are interested in reading the complete article, you can find the link on our Facebook page.


James Kirby