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Fr Kirby’s Korner

We are back into Ordinary Time. Of course this time is not ordinary. As in life, most of life takes place between the great highs and lows of our lives. The same is true for Christianity. All of Jesus’ teaching, miracles and parables generally occur during Ordinary Time.

Today in the Gospel, John the Baptist observes Jesus walking nearby and in a seemingly casual way, calls his disciples’ attention to the man walking nearby. In a very simple and ordinary manner, John simply points to Jesus and says “Behold the Lamb of God.” What could be overlooked as a small detail, actually is a simple example of the Christian life. Pointing to Jesus.

There he is. There is Jesus the Lamb of God. Like John, that is what a Christian is called to do. There is Jesus. We point to Jesus in the ordinary times and places of our day. In our world where we are busy with all sorts of things, we are distracted by many many things, in the midst of all of the minutiae of our world, we point to Christ.

It is not easy, but Christians are to point whenever we can. When a Christian sees Christ’s presence in others or in any other way, they point. In a simple gesture, John the Baptist shows us what our mission as Christians is.