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How Much Should I Pledge?

I heard it once said that everything we have is not really ours. Actually we wouldn’t have anything if it were not for the blessings we receive from God. These blessings provide for our families and the work of the Lord. As such we are asked to give freely; to “…give to God what is God’s”.

Giving is a very personal decision; so one size will not fit all given each of our separate situations. Pledging to the Give to Grow Capital Campaign can be a difficult decision; much more a sacrifice. What we all need to remember is that our Lord paid the ultimate sacrifice. By his life, suffering, cross and resurrection he gained for us the chance for eternal life.

When you consider how much you might be able to pledge to the Give to Grow Campaign, please prayerfully consider what sacrifice you are willing to make. As Christians we are asked to tithe; or give 10% of the first fruits. Our Parish has shown a high level of generosity through gifts to our general fund, Sharing God’s Gifts, the Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA) and other calls to support our parish projects. These gifts and your unique situation WILL obviously prevent some of you from giving anything close to 10% to the capital campaign. However please prayerfully consider making your pledge a true sacrifice; one you are willing to make for the church and our community.

How much of a pledge to the capital campaign is a sacrifice? That depends on the individual; however here is something you might consider.

Pull out your Federal Tax Return. Take a look at your taxable Income. From this amount subtract your federal and state tax obligation (Caesar’s share). Multiply your net income by 10%. From this amount subtract your commitment to the St. Elizabeth general fund, your gifts to the ADA, Sharing God’s gift and any other gifts you make to do God’s work. The remainder multiplied by 3 represents a significant commitment/sacrifice for our capital campaign.

Please prayerfully consider making your pledge to the All-in Give to Grow Capital Campaign. As I stated before; your contribution is a personal decision. I pray that whatever you decide you will keep in mind how much we need a new hall. Also remember that the revenue it generates from rental will advance the critical goals and objectives of our parish.


Chris Schneider

Co-chair, Steering Committee – Give to Grow Campaign